Morgan Hamilton

Morgan Hamilton


Deadlift: 142kg

Back Squat: 125kg

Clean: 79kg

500m Row:  and one Marathon!


CrossFit Level 2


NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist

AFPA Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist

CrossFit Running Certificate

CrossFit Scaling Certificate

About Coach

I didn’t really participate in sports much as a kid and fitness wasn’t something I paid too much attention to through my teen and young adult years. It wasn’t really until I discovered roller derby after college that I realized how much fun pushing your body to the limits can be! There’s nothing quite like sending someone flying to the ground while on roller skates! Once we moved from Texas to Seattle, I continued roller derby for a short while but wanted to try something new, which is how I discovered CrossFit and weightlifting. I went from a total beginner who had never done a Deadlift in their life, to falling in love with CrossFit and lifting, to becoming a coach in 2014. I absolutely love helping people realize what amazing things their bodies can do, and how much fun they can have with their fitness!

Turning Point

Our bodies can do incredible things. For me, the most incredible was growing a human: my daughter, Freya. That being said, my pregnancy took a toll on my body that I wasn’t sure I’d ever recover from. After she was born, I knew I had a long road ahead of me to get back to where I had been (and push even further!), but I was determined to get there. It took years to not only build everything back but also learn how my body had changed. Even now, I’m still learning how certain things might be different! Going through this process of rebuilding myself has ignited my passion for helping others do the same. It has also taught me how to flex the muscles of adaptation and perseverance as much as physical muscles.

Motivation & Passion

My passion for coaching comes from helping people find the right path to fitness for them. No two people are motivated by the same things. No two bodies move in exactly the same way. My coaching style adapts to what you want and what you need from me. I have worked with people of all ages, sizes, and abilities, and it’s all great! I truly believe fitness is and should be, for EVERYONE. My coaching goal is to help you find joy and empowerment in fitness, to help you leave the gym in a better mood than when you entered, and to be proud of what you gave that day!

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