Kadin Hixson

Kadin Hixson








CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

I started at Paramount myself, trying to get in shape. Then I decided it would be my dream to make the CrossFit Games one day. So I began learning as much as I could to be the best athlete I could be. Which led into my desire to learn as a coach as well; to help others live a healthy lifestyle, with an amazing community to back them up!

Turning Point

My best friend in the whole world took her life the day before my birthday and the last time I ever saw her was the wrestling match that I lost after that I struggled and went through a tough period and almost lost my life myself so that day toward I decided I’d live for her and one day I’ll win the CrossFit games for her no matter how much work it takes so I can show people literally anything you want to do you can just take time and patience and hard work

Motivation & Passion

I want to change people's live, as my best friend did mine. I want to bring joy to others, and being a coach is one way I can do that, while following my own fitness dreams on the side.

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